You may struggle with letting go of the past, like so many others. Maybe you lost yourself in the unexpressed emotions that are still boiling inside you and you don't let yourself notice how all of that ended a long time ago. It all had passed, like any good past should. 

Our bodies are not made to lie but our minds are able to not see. That is probably the definition of what gets us into trouble most of the time. Our refusal or maybe inability to look at ourselves and our lives with honesty and without judgement.

The human experience can’t happen outside a human body. That’s the whole beauty of it, that is how we connect and become part of this amazing world. So, are you welcoming what your body is trying to tell you?

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a story. Somewhere on a street, in the city centre, an old man was sitting on a little stool on the pavement... 

Do we still know anything about the world, disconnected as we are in our cities of stone, outside the flow of nature? The Hadzabe taught me that what is necessary fits on someone’s back. Everything else is extra.

I realized how small we are in front of nature and how big we presume to be most of the time. So, is it that the Earth needs saving, or we could make room for the possibility that we do? The Norse people have this understanding of one’s small but necessary place in the context of it all.

We all come from a long ancestral line of people that carries history, genes and rules of conduct. And we all have a birth right to belong to it; a right that comes with obligations. So, what is the price for disobeying, for harming the balance and stepping outside the high walls? When we experience guilt, could it be because we broke an important rule of our tribe?