In her TEDx talk Ioana is advocating for becoming your true self and taking your power back from the Gods. It's a difficult struggle, described vividly in a very personal manner, which starts with achieving awareness on what does not belong to you and the correct assignment of roles for each thing that might influence you.

You may struggle with letting go of the past, like so many others. Maybe you lost yourself in the unexpressed emotions that are still boiling inside you and you don't let yourself notice how all of that ended a long time ago. It all had passed, like any good past should.
Our bodies are not made to lie but our minds are able to not see. That is probably the definition of what gets us into trouble most of the time. Our refusal or maybe inability to look at ourselves and our lives with honesty and without judgement.
The human experience can’t happen outside a human body. That’s the whole beauty of it, that is how we connect and become part of this amazing world. So, are you welcoming what your body is trying to tell you?